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             ongratulations, you made it through a crazy year. We are glad you are here! Before you enter our gallery, please respect the space of others. Masks are recommended inside the gallery. You are welcome to cocktails in the lobby, provided by Roxor Gin. We also have a food truck in the parking lot. Please feel free to come and go as you please! Let's get started!



Before we begin:

Complimentary cocktails in the lobby only

•Please do not bring cocktails into the gallery

Restrooms are located in the lobby

Food truck located in the parking lot

Wifi access

Use your LTE or 5G network to connect

What is an NFT

"A non-fungible token is a unit of data stored on a digital ledger, called a blockchain, that certifies a digital asset to be unique and therefore not interchangeable." So what does that mean? In layman's terms for the art world: NFT artwork is digital art that has been certifiably minted as an original work on the blockchain.

How does it work?

Buyers can bid on the minted work similar to an auction, and the ledger is made public for anyone to see the original value and the resell value of the work, forever. On some platforms, buyers can simply buy the NFT directly from the artist at an agreed-upon price without it going to auction. At the end of the day, the new collector will then own the minted piece as their own.

Are NFTs worth the investment?

Owning the minted artwork is important because once the collector owns the mint, they can choose to resell the artist's NFT on the second, third, fourth markets, leading to a significant return on investment. For every resale of the NFT, the artist (and the previous buyers) all make a percentage of the ever-evolving profit behind the original NFT.

Why is NFT here to stay?

For the first time ever:

  • Collectors can own digital art

  • Collectors can resell the digital work and are highly likely to make a significant profit

  • Digital art has unceasing monetary value thanks to the blockchain's transparent ledger

  • Anyone can become an art collector at the click of a button

  • Digital art can be hung on the walls of your own home using NFT art display frames

  • Artist and collectors now make money together. The relationship between the two are more unified than ever before!





"We have worked with Artist Uprising™ on several installations throughout our property. We love our new augmented reality mural located off the Katy Trail!"


CRE developer


"We were happy with the outcome of our space at Trammel Crow Center. Artist Uprising™ curated and project managed the art for two floors of co-working space, while staying within our budget." 

coworking spaces

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