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Activations that engage and immerse a community.

Experiential art and marketing aim to engage through immersive experiences, creating emotional connections with interactive and sensory elements. While experiential art focuses on aesthetics, marketing aims to promote products.


Immersive art experiences

Augmented Reality



Temporary Art Installs

Projection Mapping


Event Creative Direction

Pop Ups

Cartier showroom design by preferred vendors of Artist Uprising, Do Good Work

Immersive Art 

Discover a new world of immersive art that surrounds and engages you with dynamic, interactive, and multi-sensory experiences. Incorporating cutting-edge technology, our art transports and emotionally impacts you, leaving an unforgettable and meaningful encounter with the brand.

Temporary pop up art design for Gucci curated by Artist Uprising

Temporary Pop Ups

Experience the excitement of a temporary pop-up - a flexible and customizable retail or event space designed for short-term use. Created in vacant storefronts or unused spaces, these pop-ups can be used for a variety of purposes, including product launches, art exhibitions, and experiential marketing events. With a sense of exclusivity and urgency, they create buzz and excitement around brands and products.

Augmented Reality Murals in Richardson Texas by Artist Uprising and Belmont Agency

Augmented Murals

Experience public art in a new way with augmented reality murals. Scan the mural with your mobile device to access a range of digital elements, including animations, sound effects, and artist information. This immersive and interactive technology transforms the viewer's experience, and can be found in public spaces like parks, buildings, and street art installations.

Event design and curation of experiences by Artist Uprising

Creative Event Direction

Our experiential team creatively drives your event's vision, aligning all aspects with the theme to visually engage attendees emotionally and leave a positive, lasting impression of your brand.

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Need media?


Property photography & video

Drone photography & video

Social Reels

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