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Who we serve.


Commercial developers

Corporate offices, training centers, warehouse facilities


Work Live Play


Retail & Shopping

Cities / Economic Development programs



If we can dream it, we can make it. 


We oversee the project from beginning to end -- ensuring the art and design experiences are what you want, when you want it, and within budget.

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For commercial spaces.

By contracting directly with Artist Uprising™ as the general contractor over the art in your space, we provide:

  • Curation (We love supporting local)

  • Insurance

  • Project Management & oversight

  • Procurement of artists and vendors

  • Design security

  • Equipment rental and oversight

  • Licensing 

  • Documentation

For progressive brands.

We source rising "tipping point talent" for progressive brands seeking unique opportunities to push their newest products into local markets authentically and artfully. We help source the right collaborators based on the client's:

  • Demographic / Target market

  • Aesthetic

  • Message

  • Budget 

  • Deliverables

  • Collaboration synergy

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For developing cities.

Our goal is to help cities become uniquely identifiable through art, sculptures, environmental design, seasonal activations & memorable installs. We believe creativity sparks cultivation and modernization. Our team creatively directs and supports efforts from within:

  • Economic development and placemaking 

  • Cultural Arts Commissions

  • Specialty projects and community events

  • Chamber of Commerce

  • Fire & Police

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