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"Creativity never sleeps."

Interior Decorations


          e have started a movement. Call it a revival for arts & entertainment. Call it a renaissance or a united belief...that creativity should be undoubtedly expressed in a way that shapes culture for the better. That artists should have the resources they need to do the work that runs through their veins. And, with the gathering of resources, we will one day abolish the phrase "starving artist." Day and night, the movement does not cease, for creativity never sleeps. We are the artists that make our cities one-of-a-kind. We are the artists behind all the beauty, even in your home. From the architecture that defines the place where you rest, to the space in between lined with fine art, hand crafted furniture and vintage finds, there was an artist who gave you a priceless gift: a piece of themselves. 

Artist Uprising

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Our History.

Artist Uprising™ is an award-winning, results-driven, female-owned business. The company was founded in 2017 by a young entrepreneur who was determined to see artists paid fairly for their craft. That fiery determination led to a global network of artists and businesses working together to tell stories, host unforgettable events, and create amazing artwork. Artist Uprising™ was voted the #1 Hottest Startup in Dallas in 2017, was featured in Forbes Magazine as a "Business to Watch" in 2018 and was nominated for the Obelisk Awards as a "Champion for the Arts" in 2020. The company has curated creatives and experiences for companies like Warner Bros., Canon, IBM, AT&T, MTV, Frost Bank, the NCAA, and more.

Our Team

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Our Team

Why, hello.

Our Founder
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Merrick Porchéddu​

Founder, Artist Uprising​™

Co-Founder, Belmont Creative

Co-Founder, Artist Uprising™ Studios

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Magdiel Lopez

Belmont Creative - Creative Director

Artist Uprising™ - Partner

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Gracie Orr

Artist Uprising™​ - Dallas

Chief Operating Officer


Randi Bivens

Artist Uprising™​ - Nashville

Director of Artist Relations


Morgan Miller

Artist Uprising™​ - Dallas

Social Enterprise Director

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Eleshia Simms-Harris

Artist Uprising™​ - Dallas

Entertainment Coordinator

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David Porchéddu 

Artist Uprising™​ Studios - Dallas

Partner & Photographer

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Alex Obar

Artist Uprising™ Studios​ - Dallas

Studio Manager

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Jasmin Ramlal

Artist Uprising™ - Dallas

Operations Assistant


Shabby Talebi 

Artist Uprising™​ - Dallas

Director of Marketing

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Meagan D'von Funk 

Artist Uprising™​ - Dallas

Director of Entertainment

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Laurence Gayao II

Artist Uprising™ - Dallas

Podcast Host & Content Creator

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Jaqueline Beer

Belmont Creative - Dallas

Designer / PM


Josh Berrios

Belmont Creative - Dallas

Designer / Animator

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Amy Beakly

Beakly Law Firm

Legal Department


Jonathan Wield 

Artist Uprising™ - Denver


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Jared Barton

Artist Uprising™ - Dallas

Content Creator


Join the team!


Our Partners

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Can't do it alone.

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"We recently partnered with Magdiel to create an original piece of artwork for the STARZ series "American Gods." Working with Magdiel at Artist Uprising was effortless and the end product was exactly what the Client wanted."


"My favorite part of working with Artist Uprising is that they fight for the vision of the artist. They believe in our strengths and try to speak on behalf of what the artist most cares about, and advocates for us in all the ways we wish we could for ourselves!"



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