To abolish "starving artistry"

by being a business resource for talent & a talent resource for businesses.

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                e began with a simple idea: To be the curation between creators & corporations. When paired together, these partnerships can change an artist’s career and introduce brands to new audiences. Though our scope of services have expanded for both clienteles, we have discovered that success happens at the corner of art & commerce. Artist Uprising™ (headquartered in Richardson, Texas, USA) relentlessly seeks out "tipping-point" talent in all artistic mediums and in every corner of the world. Then, we introduce them to you. By curating & project managing the artistry behind your brand, our goal is for the next Mozart, Van Gogh, Coco Chanel, Hitchcock or Michelangelo to be a part of your great work. Let's get started.


Artist Uprising

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