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Rentable studio space

for creatives.

       rtist Uprising™ Studios is where creativity happens. This space is a home for creators, brands, businesses, entrepreneurs and our community. When you book our studio, you have private access to 1,300 square feet of stunning photography and film space. With east-facing and west-facing direct light, interior and exterior shoot spaces, a private restroom, a kitchen, and a variety of stylized amenities, you’ll have all of the resources you and your clients need. No matter the hour, you can find beauty at Artist Uprising™ Studios.



See what's inside.

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"I absolutely loved being in this space. I’ve shot at many studios but Artist Uprising Studios just has a really nice vibe, and even the outside is great for photos too."

Mady Fischelli



"Artist Uprising Studios has been a great space for a variety of our film projects - music videos, interviews, and branded content. Thoughtful, well-designed amenities and the best staff truly made it a perfect experience from start to finish.”


production studio

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