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Career Coaching

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Let's build together.

        re you ready to take your career to the next level? Our team is equipped to help you advance and focus on your ambitions. If you are accepted into this program, you will have seasoned consultants at your disposal, prepared to get you and your abilities where you want to be. Your creativity is the priority, and we will make sure everything else follows. Let's get started!


What's included


Career coaching & strategic goal setting

Negotiation Training

Learn how to negotiate your terms with clients

Craft Refinement

Get feedback from experts in your field who can help you refine your craft

Business Management

Learn how to run a business

Creating Systems

Organizing systems and procedures that work well for you, your business, & your team


Learn how to market yourself & your work to generate sales and new business


Learn how to invoice, collect and distribute payments in a timely manner


Get control over your taxes and learn how to get tax benefits

Contract Management

Organize your contracts and document your responsibilities, deliverables, licenses, non-negotiables, etc.


Learn the art of strategic relationships & collaborations in your industry

Not what you are looking for?

Need someone to manage your projects?

Check out our management, on demand.



"Since working with Artist Uprising, I can’t express what a weight off the shoulders this has been. I now have an advocate that reaches for more opportunities, communicates with clients, and overall acts as a liaison, allowing me to focus on creating my artwork."


street artist

“There are challenges and problem solving with most projects. It was so nice to have Artist Uprising™ there to help navigate those challenges together.” 


artist, author, muralist

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