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The greatest compliment we ever received was when someone once told us we were the Theo to their Vincent Van Gogh. Our #1 goal in life is to encourage all artists everywhere to explicitly express their innate gifting, which has the sobering possibility of marking history forever. 





Artist Uprising is spearheaded by two female entrepreneurs, Merrick Porchéddu and Angela Ross, who are artist activists, fashion & brand enthusiasts, and avid sushi lovers.


While Artist Uprising lends itself to uncovering the most exciting emerging talent from any creative field, the duo personally specialize in A&R (i.e. Artist Development) and talent strategy (mostly Merrick) and upper level talent management (mostly Angela),  


Together, the partners, naturally curate new talent, encourage artists, and find every unique angle to create opportunities for uprising artists to reach their "tipping point."





is the founder & CEO of Artist Uprising.

Merrick Porchéddu graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Mike Curb College of Music Business from Belmont University with a bachelors in Entertainment Studies and Business.


Since, Porchéddu's background has ranged across many creative mediums: from radio syndication & licensing, to A&R/artist management, to web-design, public relations, social media management, and becoming the General Manager of the fastest growing Dallas coworking space, where she oversaw activities of over 300 startup businesses.


In 2017, she set out to start her own startup, Artist Uprising - a concept she believed could efficiently bridge the gap between creatives and commerce.

Porchéddu lives in Dallas, TX with her husband and their two sons, Oliver and Silas.


"Artist need money. Brands need creativity. The relationship is a must. We are here to be the handshake and the resource channel for magic to happen for both sides." - Porchéddu


is the Chief Operating Officer and partner of Artist Uprising.

A Dallas native, Angela Ross always knew she would have her hand in music & entertainment.  In 2009, opportunities called Ross to Los Angeles where she began working in both fashion & in the music entertainment. 

From singing background vocals for artists like Jordan Sparks, to touring and traveling the world, to working alongside major record labels, Ross’ opportunities led her ultimately to talent management. Ross learned to manage talent alongside Jonas Group Entertainment, which she considers her family today.  In 2017, Ross became partner and COO of Artist Uprising, a company that curates talent for brands and sources jobs for creatives. By evaluating the needs of exceptional talent she has the pleasure of working with, Ross determined a talent management company was inevitable, and so she formed, N. Park Ave Management, management partner of Artist Uprising.


"I am excited to bring my experience in talent management to Artist Uprising, where I hope to always challenge the tipping point for artists & entertainers." - Ross


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