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A little help.

       s the admin work overtaking your creative focus? Our team of project managers will pick up those backend details for you - per project. This means you get the perks of a personal manager without a binding contract. How it works? If you need a PM to pick up the conversation with your client, we step in to handle it from start to finish so you can focus on the craft. We handle everything from communication, negotiations, contracts, accounting, and scheduling. Our fee is 20% of the deal we negotiate on your behalf. Let’s get started!


What's included


Responding to emails and ongoing professional client relations


Overseeing your appointments and deadlines

Project Management

Maintaining communciations, deliverables & deadlines between you and your clients

Creating Systems

Organizing systems and procedures that work well for you, your business, & your team

Travel Booking

Booking travel & lodging for you and your teams


We love negotiating higher pay for artists! If you want us to negotiate your contract, our fee is 15% of the contract


Invoicing, collecting and distributing payment on your behalf


Issue end of year 1099 overview of all talents income

Contract Management

Overseeing contracts and documenting your responsibilities, deliverables, licenses, non-negotiables, etc.



"I have worked with Artist Uprising for a while now and have admired their consistency in bringing creative ideas to the table with me. Currently, they personally assist in all my projects and productions, which make life so much more efficient for me."


musical artist


"I have been working with Artist Uprising for years in a variety of ways. Each time I have been impressed and pleased with all the work they put into my projects and my brand. I worked with Randi and I would not have been able to operate and accomplish my goals without her efficiency, diligence, and creativity.


personality & influencer

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