We began with a simple idea:


To bridge the gap between emerging artists and certain "tipping-point" opportunities, that if paired perfectly together, could change the course of history for that artist -- and potentially for generations long after, who will study the Mozart's, Van Gogh's, Coco Chanel's, Hitchcock's, Michelangelo's of the modern era.

Though our scope of services have expanded, that same idea still drives everything we do.


Artist Uprising intends to relentlessly seek out undiscovered emerging talent from all facets of arts & entertainment around the world. Then, we introduce them to you in a way that is authentic to the history and the heart of the artist. 

By combining trans-media storytelling with traditional print (no, we don't believe print is dead), we are on a mission to become the most trusted source for curating the freshest emerging talent in every creative industry throughout the world. From this curated roster of ever-growing brilliant connections, we promise to partner with the right brands -- so that credible & dependable opportunities arise for creators in a way more accessible than ever before.

Welcome to   Artist Uprising.




Dallas (HQ)



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