Experiential Marketing

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      ake your brand’s marketing to the next level. Art, tech and music can all enhance your messaging and introduce you to new audiences, while immersive tools like virtual concerts,

3-D installations and augmented reality murals can give you the ROI you’ve been waiting for. 


Experiential Marketing Techniques

Augmented Reality Murals & Art

Virtual Reality Concert Series

Immersive Art Installations

Art Walks

Pop-Up Galleries

Let's get the party started.

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"Daniella Mason is truly mesmerizing. We have booked Daniella for multiple occasions because her stage presence and vocal range is absolutely mind blowing. Artist Uprising™ handles every show turn key, even travel logistics!"

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"Artist Uprising™ curated over 30 art installations on our 1.8M square foot property for "shop, live, play" in Milwaukee, WI. We are excited to begin augmenting a handful of these murals for the Art Walk program for the local community to enjoy!"


BAYSHORE shopping center

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